5 Reasons to See what Chris Phelps is Up To

Keeping up with the Kardashians is just another rerun, and watching Facebook Live videos is scarier than walking outside sometimes! You’re not in the mood to read a book; we all know the mood must be there to read, and you just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the lazy life that you know was meant for you.

But, the problem is, lying on the sofa counting the squares on the tile on the floor is taking boring to the next level, and it’s one that you don’t want to reach. You still need some entertainment! To the rescue comes Chris Phelps, just your average guy in the world with lots of things to share and say to the world. You never know what is going to come out of the mouth of this guy, but you can count on it making you laugh, and filling the boredom that you don’t want to experience.

There are tons of reasons to check out the blog and watch the posted videos. We’ll share with you five of the reasons here. When you’re done reading this, don’t waste any more time, and get over to see what he is up to now!

1.    You Need to Laugh

Laughter is the key to a long life, and it certainly makes you feel a lot better inside to let out a little laughter every day. There’s no possible way to watch this guy and his antics without cracking a smile and letting out a laugh or three!

2.    What Next?

Phelps is an average guy who calls himself Panther. He is a guy like you and I, with a lot on his mind, and an urge to make his viewers smile. And, as we said that is something that you will do as you watch his videos. You never know what he will post next, and that is all a part of the excitement.

3.    Watch Any Time

You can watch videos from Phelps whenever the time is right and the mood strikes. just visit the blog, and you are ready for the fun to begin. It is so easy that anyone can (and should) watch the videos right now! What are you waiting for? Really?

4.    What Better to Do?

We’ve already talked about the other boring things that you can do on your lazy days. So, what would you rather do? Phelps has videos that offer something new and refreshing to offer, giving you entertainment, laughter, and maybe even a fresh perspective of things that are serious, not so serious, and funny.

5.    It is Free

Chris Phelps

Don’t pay for entertainment, when people like Phelps are around to give you what you want and need at no cost. Nothing is better than free, and you can always access the videos and the blog without spending a single penny of your own money. It is nice to get a little enjoyment for free every now and again!