Biense, out of the star mare Jap and sired by Bjinse 241 was bred and foaled in England in 1992 by Cary Everett. He is a great grandson of Age 168. Biense stands 16 hands, is blue black with luxurious mane, tail and feathers. He is very athletic and has a compact sporty “classic” style physique.

Biense belongs to Cary Everett who has been involved with our farms breeding operation for years. Biense and Cary are an integral part and the other half of the “Totally Friesian” exhibition team.

Cary raised Biense from birth and imported him to the US when she returned to Massachusetts from England. He is to her what Thor is to me, much more than just a horse, an equine partner.

Biense was keured in 2003 and passed the Stallion Performance testing held at Proud Meadows International Friesian Testing Center in Waxahatchie, Texas in 2004. At the age of 12 he became the second Gold Approved Stallion of the Friesians of America registry. At an age where most Friesians are slowing down he received a 9.5 out of 10 on his cross country jumping test and elicited comments from his keuring judges that he “acted much too young for his age”. Biense has competed successfully in ADS sanctioned combined driving events  and USEF dressage competitions. He is always impressive and never fails to give 110%.

Biense breeds true to type and stamps his get with his presence and spirit. Whether purebred or crossbred Biense will improve virtually any breeding program. Movement, athletic ability, grace personality, intelligence and heart, Biense can add this and more to your best mares. Bred to several of Thor’s daughters producing three quarter Friesians he has sired get with the best of Friesian qualities.

Over time he has become an inseparable performance partner to Thor. We also go trail riding together with the boys, two magnificent Friesian stallions, and draw a great deal of attention.

Biense is available for either on farm AI or shipped cooled semen and has a live foal guarantee. He produces wonderful foals, any color pattern, pintos, leopards, etc. Want to add sport potential to your next foal, he’s the sire that can do it.